Tuesday, 20 May 2014


This afternoon a group of Grafon Nannas gathered outside the office of Chris Gulaptis, Member for Clarence, to celebrate the wonderful achievement of all those who supported the Bentley blockade. The Nannas enjoyed a sedate nanna afternoon tea, a wonderful chat, plenty of laughs (particularly over a Media Release from local politicians). In a change from their usual knit-ins, not a stitch was knitted!  Guess this was more of a chat-in.
Nanna Audrey's delicious biscuits were a hit.
The Nannas were hoping that their MP would join them for a cuppa and a chat.  But, alas, he was in Casino and, according to a  member of his office staff, launching his disperse the flying foxes petition there.  This made the Nannas wonder if he was planning another petition which we would have all supported with considerable enthusiasm - DISPERSE THE GAS MINING COMPANIES.  Oh, well, we can but wish .....
Nannas present letter at Mr Gulaptis' office
The Nannas left a letter outlining their hope that Mr Gulaptis would take a stronger line on the gas mining issue which would reflect the concerns of his constituents.  The text of this letter is printed below:

The Grafton Loop of the Knitting Nannas Against Gas is delighted that the NSW Government has at last listened to the concerns of the local community about the activities of gas miner Metgasco.  The suspension of  Metgasco's right to drill an exploration well at the Bentley Rosella site is a step in the right direction.

We were very interested to see the joint media release "North Coast Nationals Welcome Suspension of Metgasco Licence" in which you participated.  While it appears that you and your fellow North Coast National MPs are finally responding to the concerns of a significant proportion of your constituents, there is much more that you could be doing.

While we welcome the suspension, we are concerned that it is a temporary measure. 
As the Knitting Nannas have told you on a number of occasions, we do not believe that gas mining – whether it be conventional CSG mining or unconventional mining such as would have occurred at Bentley – is an appropriate industry for the Northern Rivers area.  Gas mining is an invasive industry completely unsuited to this wonderfully biodiverse and rich agricultural region.  The risks gas-mining poses to agriculture, to water resources, to the region's ecology, to human health and to our lifestyle mean it should never be allowed here.
We call on you, as our elected representative, to strongly lobby your government to revoke the mining PELs in the Northern Rivers area.  Are you prepared to do this?