Thursday, 20 September 2018


The Nannas saw (and in some cases produced) some great signs and posters at the conference.  These dealt with gas mining, coal mining, climate change and forestry laws.

Sunday, 16 September 2018


Knitting Nannas from around NSW attended the fourth annual Nanna Conference in Newcastle from 7-9 September. The conference was hosted by the Hunter Loop, Central Coast Loop and the Mid Coast Loop.

Included in the program were updates on:
  • Lock the Gate's Hunter region transitioning away from coal campaign, 
  •  the NSW  Government's changes to forestry regulations which will lead to clearfelling and biodiversity loss in the state's north, 
  • the Acland coal mine expansion in Queensland and the threat to Bimblebox further north,
  • protest law and the Knitting Nannas in NSW and Lancashire in the UK
These speakers gave us a great deal to be concerned about.  There is, without doubt, a great deal more for the Nannas to do to ensure that, as our Nannifeesto states, we leave "this land better than we found it, for our children, grandchildren and future generations.  They deserve to have a future with a clean and healthy environment, natural beauty and biodiversity."

Nannas nattering in the dining area

The conference gave those attending the chance to network with Nannas from other loops as well as to workshop issues to assist them in their campaigns. In addition the Nannas were able to  admire the craft work of some very talented Nannas and to buy items such as jewellery and Christmas decorations which were available for sale.

On Sunday the Nannas left the conference venue  for an action at Bar Beach which gave a great opportunity for the display of their many banners and placards as well as the chance to talk with some of the  beach-goers and walkers who were in the area on that sunny, but windy, day.

One of the banners blowing in the wind above Bar Beach    

Nannas with banners and signs above Bar Beach

After a picnic lunch the Nannas carpooled to one of the many coal loaders in the area for a photo opportunity. This gave the non-local Nannas the chance to get some idea of how much coal was awaiting shipping from the port.

Nannas near the coal loader

Some of the coal - and only a small amount in this photo - waiting to be shipped.

The host Loops gave us a wonderful conference. It was a well-organised event with interesting and informative speakers  in a very pleasant venue.  The meals, which were fully catered  for by the organising Nannas and some impressive Nanna chefs, were great. The raffle prizes, particularly the beautifully-decorated Nanna chair, were eagerly sought after. And Nanna Louise from Lismore again donated one of her beautiful Chooks Against Gas for a lucky door prize.

The wonderful Nanna chair and some of the other raffle prizes

Well done Nannas from the Hunter, Central Coast and Mid Coast.

Saturday, 25 August 2018


The Grafton Loop of the Knitting Nannas expressed their concern on August 23 to their state MP, Chris Gulaptis, about the recent addition to the NSW Government's anti-protestor laws.  They presented him with a letter outlining their concerns. 
The text of the letter is printed below.

* * * * *
In May 2016 the Grafton Loop of the Knitting Nannas Against Gas and Greed wrote to you about our concerns about the draconian laws your Government brought in. These increased penalties for those involved in protests.  At the time, it was obvious to us that the law changes were aimed at those in the community who were protesting about coal seam and unconventional gas.

The Nannas pointed out that these new laws were an infringement of civil rights.

We are now alarmed that, not satisfied with that curtailing of our basic freedoms, your Government now has in place amendments to the Crown Land Management Act which restrict even further the rights of community members in this state.

We understand that regulations which came into force on July 1 this year now give very broad powers to police and other public officials to disperse or ban public gatherings including protests, rallies and meetings.  These powers relate to all government owned (or crown land) which makes up almost half of NSW.

This is appalling and a gross over-reach by government which is obviously so terrified of public opinion and its ability to force change that it is seeking to limit the community’s opportunities to gather and publicise its concerns. 

These laws are unnecessary and undemocratic.

We point out that the Australian Constitution contains an implied freedom of political communication.  We understand that these laws are likely to contravene this right.

Do you support these laws which are moving us inexorably towards becoming a police state reminiscent of the situation in the former Soviet Union?

The Nannas look forward to your response.

Ann & Susanna with the letter

Friday, 25 May 2018


The Grafton Nannas are back to regular knit-ins.  This week we returned to knit outside the lair of our federal MP, Kevin Hogan,  after last week's knit-in outside the state MP's office.  When we resumed knitting after our long nanna break, we decided we should share our presence equally with these pollies. No favouritism from us! After all, we have to remember that part of the Nannas' credo is to annoy all politicians equally.

This is the second knit-in where we've displayed Lynette's new banner for our loop.  What a talented person she is!

Ann's bicycle was the ideal place to hang the the new banner

The group found it very intriguing to see just how much Donna could fit into a medium-sized Nanna bag.  She's obviously prepared for every knitting eventuality.

What the well-equipped Nanna takes to a knit-in

Wednesday, 23 May 2018


Norco milk bottles on display at the knit-in

At its knit-in on 17th May outside the office of Member for Clarence, Chris Gulaptis, Nannas from the Grafton Loop expressed their concern about the decision of the State Government to award a milk supply contract for fifteen local health facilities to foreign-owned Queensland Dairy Farmers instead of the Norco.

Nanna Susanna with our new blackboard & banner

The Nannas were incensed because Norco is a local company processing milk from dairies on the North Coast. This local industry, both in production and processing, provides jobs for North Coast locals and makes a significant contribution to the local economy.

Just after the Nannas had strung up their empty Norco  milkbottles and had settled into their chairs, "The Daily Examiner's" reporter Jarrod arrived and gave us the good news that the Government had reversed its decision.  Norco once again would be the provider!!!

Obviously, the government had been receiving a great deal of flak from industry and locals and realized it had been a very silly decision.  Isn't it wonderful when the community (in other words  PEOPLE POWER) can force change.

We Nannas believe there should be much, much more of this!!!

Tuesday, 20 March 2018


Sydney Loop of the Knitting Nannas Against Gas and Greed 

Media Release

Knitting Nannas, from all around NSW, will be joining with an anticipated 10,000 people across NSW to take part in the Time2Choose Rally on Saturday 24th March in Macquarie Street outside Parliament House starting at 12 noon.  One year out from the next State Elections.

As Knitting Nannas, we are committed to protecting our land and water to ensure our children, grandchildren, and generations to come can have a future with a clean and healthy environment, natural beauty and biodiversity.

We call on the upcoming government to make NSW a Coal Seam Gas Free State.

We, the Nannas of our State, are not going to give up our fight for our rights to clean air,water and environment.
Our fight against greed.
Our fight to keep our governments honest.

We want our next state government to be considering  the majority of NSW people, who live in these areas that are being destroyed by fracking, making them sick from what is being spewed out of these gas flumes . Destroying the land by having nowhere to store the poisonous water and salt coming out of the ground from the wells dug for coal seam gas

We want a Government that is responsible and answerable to its people,  with consideration for their livelihoods and their health.

So we hope this fight and rally will make the people who are going to stand in the next election  listen to their Nannas, and do the right thing and make a difference to the party of their choice, or being an independent, and fight for RENEWABLES.