Friday, 11 March 2016


The Grafton Loop of the Knitting Nannas recently wrote to their local member of State Parliament, Chris Gulaptis, about his Government's plans to re-start CSG/unconventional gas mining in NSW.
The text of the letter is printed below:

The Grafton Loop of the Knitting Nannas Against Gas were delighted when the NSW Government bought back the petroleum export licences covering the Northern Rivers.  We thought, "At last we have a gasfield free Northern Rivers!"

We note that in your February "Clarence Valley Newsletter" you reiterate that there will be no coal seam gas industry on the North Coast.  The Nannas presume that by "coal seam gas" you mean all forms of unconventional gas.

We are concerned, however, at a report which appeared in The Northern Star on February 9th.  Mining Minister Anthony Roberts was reported as having a plan to unlock new coal seam gas reserves to local mining companies that will supply to the local markets rather than for export.  Since that rather astounding revelation all has been quiet.

What exactly did the Minister mean?  Has your Government plans to issue further PELs for gas companies in this state?  If so, what areas are to be targeted?

You are well aware, Mr Gulaptis, of the concerns of the Nannas and will appreciate that we are anxious to learn exactly what the Government intends.

The Nannas are looking forward to our local MP's response.

Sunday, 6 March 2016


On Thursday March 3 a loop of relaxed Grafton Nannas met to enjoy each others' company and indulge in a sumptuous celebratory morning tea.  Although it was somewhat delayed because of the festive season and associated nannerly duties, the Nannas finally gave Metgasco a send-off from the Northern Rivers.  And Nanna Lynette's cake said it all.

The only knitting needles in sight were the huge ones that had had their outing months ago in Grafton's Market Square.  This was a day for eating and laughing and nattering and plotting for the future rather than for knitting.

However we Nannas fully expect that there will be much more knitting to be done in the future.

And there was some serious discussion

And the big surprise was the unexpected guest at our morning tea!! 

And the chook came too!!