Tuesday, 1 July 2014


When Nannas from the Grafton Loop of the Knitting Nannas set up their chairs today
outside the office of Chris Gulaptis, MP, they were delighted to welcome Margaret and Mary,  two members of the Lismore Nannas to their knit-in.

 Another newcomer to the local knit-in was a very junior Nanna who was keeping her grandmother company and very adroitly working on her french knitting. The future of Knitting Nannery is being ensured by the stalwarts of our movement who are showing the youngsters what needs to be done to protect our land and water.  

As usual the Nannas had plenty to talk about as they clacked their needles. 

Some of us envied Dorothy in her coat of many colours which kept her very warm as the day cooled down.  And we all admired the colourful vest she has almost completed.

Dorothy's vest

Another admired object was the Lismore chook badge made by the talented Louise of Chooks Against Gas fame.  Some of us are hoping that  Lismore Nannas will bring chook badges with them when they next visit - as some  of us would love to add one of these to our Nanna badge collection.
Before we left our Crocheter Extradordinaire tied a little gift to the rail outside the office - one of the many varied yarn bombs which has been left  after most knit-ins for our local member.  We hope that he is collecting them as mementos of our visits.