"We peacefully & productively protest against the destruction of our land and water by exploration & mining of Coal Seam Gas & other nonrenewable energy".
official statement of the Knitting Nannas Against Gas and Greed


We peacefully & productively protest against the destruction of our land, air, and water by corporations and/or individuals who seek profit and personal gain from the short-sighted and greedy plunder of our natural resources. We support energy generation from renewable sources, and sustainable use of our other natural resources. 

We sit, knit, plot, have a yarn and a cuppa, and bear witness to the war against those who try to rape our land and divide our communities. 

We want to leave this land better than we found it, for our children, grandchildren and future generations. They deserve to have a future with a clean and healthy environment, natural beauty and biodiversity.

KNAG’s aims are to bring attention to the issues surrounding unsustainable resource exploitation; to show the people, the media, the politicians and the exploiters just how far from radical the “extremists” who oppose their practices are; to entertain and inform the public, and bring new supporters to the movement. We aim to make protests and blockades safe, to support people assert their right to protest.  We want to make sure that our servants, the politicians, represent our democratic wishes and know they are accountable – to us. We are very happy to remind them of this - often. We represent many who cannot make it out to protests – the elderly, the ill, the infirm, people with young children and workers.

We gather evidence-based research, multimedia and publications. KNAG uses this information to help safe, effective protesting by groups and individuals that actively work to protect our communities. We provide financial, practical and physical resources to assist community groups to abide by Non Violent Direct Action guidelines in their protest activities, ensuring that physical and emotional support are available during peaceful protests and blockades.

KNAG is not affiliated with any political parties . . . 

We annoy all politicians equally /|~~*

The Nannafesto was developed by the founding Loop of KNAG (The Lismore Knitting Nannas).