Tuesday, 13 May 2014


A lively group of Grafton Nannas met once again outside Clarence MP Chris Gulaptis' office in Grafton today.
The Grafton Nannas are strong supporters of the protest at Bentley. This weekend some of the local nannas will be travelling north to the protest camp to join their northern nanna compatriots and all the other community members trying to get the message across to the state government  and Metgasco that gas-mining in our region should be abandoned.

We saw the amazingly colourful knitting of Trinette who has been very busy flashing the needles since we last saw her.  She's  become a snake knitter of note.  And these snakes look great wound around poles.
There was a suggestion that we might see some pole-dancing near the green snake - but it didn't eventuate!

Dorothy has also been adding to her wonderful menagerie of knitted wildlife.  She unveiled her baby echidna to join its mother.  And next time she'll be bringing along her new rainbow serpent.  (What is it with these Nannas and snakes??)
Baby echidna joins its mother.
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