Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Last Thursday the  Grafton Nannas left their usual knit-in haunt and set up their chairs outside the campaign office of National Party candidate for Page,  Kevin Hogan.  We thought it was time that we gave a little nannerly attention to the federal election campaign.

Mr Hogan was elsewhere in the electorate but the Nannas had a very pleasant chat with one of his youthful helpers and handed over a letter about Nanna concerns.  We didn't leave a yellow flower as they are reserved for State MP Chris Gulaptis but Lynette left Mr Hogan a memento - her crocheted triangles to decorate his car rear-vision mirror.

Letter Delivery Team


The Grafton Chapter of Knitting Nannas Against Gas understands that you are opposed to coal seam gas mining in the Northern Rivers area.  While this is very reassuring, we trust that you are also against other forms of unconventional gas mining (such as tight sand and shale gas mining) in our area.

While we applaud you for reflecting the position of the community in our electorate, we have serious concerns about the Coalition Parties' position on mining.  It is clear that the Coalition would encourage the expansion of mining in the belief that it is beneficial to the economy.  Politicians often become obsessed with economic arguments and fail to see the downsides of an industry such as mining – particularly in relation to the general community's amenity and health as well as the health of the natural environment on which we all rely.

If the Coalition were to form Government after the election, what would its position be on gas mining – particularly on gas mining in our area?  What would be your position if you were elected and a Coalition Government was intent on encouraging the development of gas mining in our area?

* * * * * * * * *
The Nannas enjoyed the different venue and the opportunity to meet with people in a busier part of the town than their usual spot.  The next knit-in will be at yet another venue.  Variety is certainly the spice of  life for the hard-knittin' Grafton Nannas!

French knitting progresses.
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