Sunday, 25 August 2013


The Grafton Loop of the Knitting Nannas held their weekly knit-in as usual outside the office of Clarence MP Chris Gulaptis on Thursday 22nd August.

Nannas pause for refreshments.

It was time for another letter to our hard-working parliamentary representative Chris Gulaptis.  The reason  - another move by the NSW Government to disempower local communities and help their mining friends.  The Government is proposing to amend the Mining State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) so that community groups have less chance of taking the government's planning decisions about mining to the courts.

The Nannas' concerns in their letter to Mr Gulaptis

The Knitting Nannas are writing to you again because we are appalled that the Government is proposing to disempower local communities even further when it comes to mining development.  We object very strongly to the amendment to the State Environmental Planning Policy (Mining, Petroleum Production and Extractive Industries).

 The proposed amendment means that the "significance" of the "resource" (be it a coal or gas resource or whatever) to the economy becomes the central consideration in the approvals process.  This means that other matters of importance to the local community – such as their amenity, health, water resources, and the natural environment – will be downgraded to minor considerations.

The Knitting Nannas fear that the Government is forgetting the importance of those people they are supposed to represent – the general community.  We also note that many people are becoming increasingly concerned about the continuation of governments' anxiety to promote mining despite public unease.

We believe that this amendment to the SEPP should be abandoned in the interests of the general community and our children and grandchildren.

 Letter Delivery Team with letter & flower.
A couple of determined Nannas.
(No messin' with us!)

Every time the Grafton Nannas deliver a letter to Mr Gulaptis' office they present him with a charming yellow flower.    By now he should have a sizeable bouquet - or maybe a wreath - to decorate his office and remind him of Nanna concerns!

French knitting

And then there was the little memento of our visit - not a yarn bomb this time.
Non-yarn Bomb