Friday, 6 September 2013


The Grafton Nannas have been quite nomadic in the last few weeks!  The Federal Election inspired them to move around town - last week to the campaign office of the Nationals' candidate, Kevin Hogan, and this week to the campaign office of the sitting federal member, Janelle Saffin M.P

The Nannas delivered a letter to their local member, similar to the letter that was delivered to the National candidate's campaign office at the  knit-in the week before.  As Ms Saffin was campaigning elsewhere in the electorate, the Nannas delivered the letter and a gift of  one of Lynette's elegant Nanna necklaces to a campaign volunteer.

Letter and gift delivery.
Page MP Janelle Saffin is opposed to CSG mining in her electorate - a fact which really pleases the Nannas.  It is truly wonderful when your parliamentary representative actually represents the interests of the majority of her/his electorate - something we Nannas regret does not happen enough throughout our nation.  Far too often MPs are tied to the policies of their parties which are often not in the interests of the communities they represent.

The Nannas have found it very refreshing to knit in different parts of town for the last two knit-ins.  They have had nannerly chats with dozens of passers-by about their knitting and the gas-mining industry.



Maureen's Tea Cosy - top pompom to come
Deb's Triangle - part of a chain
The Nannas know that Mr Gulaptis, our state MP, has been missing the Nanna knit-ins outside his Grafton office in the last few  weeks.  But, as soon as the election is over, the Nannas will be back in their old haunt!

The Nannas just had to lend their support to the federal election - and show that they know the federal parliament has powers over gas mining - powers they want to see continued and, if possible, strengthened.