Monday, 5 August 2013


 Three Nannas from the Grafton Loop travelled to Casino to join their northern compatriots - those  intrepid Lismore area ladies -  for a knit-in, catch up and general chin-wag outside the office of CSG company Metgasco on the northern side of town.

Busy Nannas
The door and the venetians of the office were closed and there was nary a sighting of those within while the Nannas clacked their needles.  Maybe it was a Metgasco holiday or maybe the sight of that gathering of venerable Nannas and their yellow yarn encouraged them to lie doggo.  Or perhaps it was all those car and truck horns tooting in support of the anti-CSG movement.

This Nanna loved the toots!
And there were plenty of toots from those driving by - some of them prolonged and very enthusiastic - and much delighted waving from the Nannas.

Once again the Nannas showed what a talented bunch they were.

High Nanna fashion- the latest in crocheted hats.
Messages even on the coffee cup!
Did they grow it, bottle it or label it?
And there's an exciting new label in Northern Rivers Wine in a celebration of recent campaigns.

And  the Grafton Nannas particularly loved the bottle of Glenugie memories.  Well done Northern Nannas.  We'll toast your achievement and your success! Confusion to your enemies!!