Sunday, 27 January 2013


 The Grafton Loop of Knitting Nannas Against Gas (KNAGs) held a knit-in outside the Grafton office of Clarence MP Chris Gulaptis on Friday 25 January - our first knit-in outside the MP's office since our pre-Christmas knit-in.  Over the holiday period the Nannas have concentrated their activities around the Glenugie drill site.
The Nannas were pleased to have an opportunity to talk to Mr Gulaptis about their concerns about coal seam gas mining and the drilling at Glenugie.
These Nannas are not convinced.
New KNAG recruit Glenugie resident Sarah Fletcher presented our MP with a letter – and the customary yellow flower - from the Nannas.  She then took the opportunity to inform him about the impact Metgasco's test drilling was having on her life and the life of others near the drill site.

 One of the Nannas' current concerns is that our local member has not visited the Glenugie drill site. Such a visit would have given him an opportunity to talk to the locals and to see for himself why they are so concerned about Metgasco's activities in their neighbourhood.  In our letter we said that that our representative needed to listen to the views of a wide range of people on an issue as divisive as this is.  And obviously the views of those directly affected are particularly important.

From what Mr Gulaptis said, it seems that many local people have not contacted him about their concerns.  The Nannas hope that more people do so by either writing to or emailing him or by making an appointment and speaking with him at his office.  Actually getting on to our representatives about this issue should be part of our campaign against this invasive industry.  Protesting is one part – and lobbying is another.  Both are necessary.

Contact details for Chris Gulaptis MP, Member for Clarence:
            Phone:  (02) 6643 1244
            Address: 11 Prince Street, GRAFTON,  NSW  2460

With the drill rig about to move from the Glenugie site, there will be relief for local residents – at least in the short term.  However, there is concern about just what the future holds.  The Nannas and many other locals are concerned about whether this site, and other parts of the Clarence will become part of a gasfield like that around Tara in Queensland.

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