Friday, 24 March 2017


The Grafton Nannas had another long break over the hot summer. This was  a summer in which the impact of climate change was obvious to us Nannas as well as to many other community members - but apparently not to many of our political leaders. So sad, as another political leader from another nation might say in his interminable tweets on twitter!!

Today some re-energised stalwarts from the Grafton Nannas cast on outside the Grafton office of our federal member Kevin Hogan. 

Why there?   Well the Grafton Nannas are concerned that the leader of Mr Hogan's National Party - one Barnaby Joyce, the Member for New England - is pushing to have CSG and unconventional gas mining expanded throughout the nation. 

Will our local member be prepared to cross the floor to support his constituents?

Mr Joyce, unlike the Nannas, obviously does not understand what a threat this invasive industry is to the environment and the health of local communities.  He is claiming that we need more gas produced because we will soon have a domestic gas shortage.

We Nannas know only too well that the claim of a gas shortage is a furphy.  There is only a shortage because all of the plentiful gas being extracted in this country is being exported. And Mr Joyce and others in government know this but they are suddenly waking up to the issue of ENERGY SECURITY and they are claiming that gas supply is an important component of this.

We Nannas would like to know why, when they have been at the wheel (so to speak) since 2013, this important matter has only just occurred to them.  As a result we are obviously in for a period of prolonged knee-jerk reactions and boringly predictable policy-on-the-run.  Again - so sad!

Mr Joyce is proposing that farmers who have gas  wells on their land receive 10% of royalties.  He claims this will lead to acceptance of the industry and allow it to expand throughout the nation.  He seems to be forgetting that it is not only landowners who potentially have wells on their properties who oppose this invasive industry.  It also impacts on their neighbours who would not be getting the 10% bribe and others in the local community.  And what is a bribe worth when the long-term impacts are considered?

The Nannas have written to Mr Hogan about their concerns and presented their letter at his office.

After enjoying their knit-in (a great social occasion with many laughs) and chats with passers-by,  these doughty women are re-energised for further knit-ins and lobbying on gas and energy security and climate change.

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