Wednesday, 7 October 2015


The QLD Sadies get RADICAL in support of Karens everywhere. The QLD Sadies song premiered 7 Oct is a direct response to the recent booklet the government has put together for teachers to identify so called potential radical extremists…

Click on the link to see the RADICAL Music Video

The booklet designed to HELP teachers identify students at risk of radicalisation and terrorism has offended both teachers and environmentalists. 

‘The Radicalisation Awareness Kit’ for teachers was launched by Justice Minister Michael Keenan on Monday September 21. The Booklet contains pretty unrealistic “case studies”

The “Preventing Violent Extremism and Radicalisation in Australia” booklet is part of the Living Safe Together program, and while it begins by talking up diversity and social cohesion, it takes a strange turn when it comes to the case studies. 

Below is the Case Study: Karen

So, what do you think????