Wednesday, 6 May 2015


The Grafton Loop of the Knitting Nannas Against Gas delivered a letter to their local State Member, Chris Gulaptis (Member for Clarence) on May 5.  This letter deals with Petroleum Exploration Licence (PEL) 445 and with the Government's response to gas miner Metgasco's recent court challenge.  The text of the letter is printed below.

The Grafton Nannas have been pleased to note that the elected representatives in the Northern Rivers are taking seriously the strength of community opposition to gas-mining in the region.  We trust that before too long this will lead to the Northern Rivers becoming a gas-free area.  Then the Nannas will be able to cast off, put away their needles and yarn and relax and take on more nannerly activities.

We understand that several of your National colleagues indicated prior to the election that there could be (or would be) further buy-back of Petroleum Exploration Licences (PELs) in this region - including PEL 445.

Now that the new government has had some weeks of settling in, the Nannas would like to know whether you and your colleagues are pursuing the buy-back or cancellation of PEL 445.  Assuming you are pursuing this matter, just how much progress has been made?  When can the community expect to hear the good news that the PEL is defunct?

On another matter the Nannas are very concerned about the likelihood of  Metgasco returning to the region following the favourable outcome of their court challenge.  It would be very unfortunate if the Nannas and all those other community members who opposed Metgascos's venture were forced to blockade once again to protect the region from this invasive and polluting industry.

Has the Government made any decision yet about its response to he Metgasco court outcome?

We look forward to learning about your progress in dealing with this issue.