Thursday, 5 March 2015


The Grafton Nannas were pleased to meet with Greens candidate Janet Cavanaugh at their knit-in on Tuesday March 3.  Janet has a wealth of knowledge about the gas industry as she has been a CSG campaigner ever since the industry reared its ugly head in our area.  She played a prominent part in the many information sessions which the Clarence Alliance Against CSG conducted around the Clarence Valley some years ago and she continues to be a strong campaigner against this invasive industry.

A happy bunch of Nannas with candidate Janet Cavanaugh.
The Nannas were also eagerly discussing their upcoming Nanna Conference.  They viewed the presentation Lynette has put together of the Grafton Loop's two plus years of campaigning, a presentation our Nannas are taking to Lismore for the conference.

Jay joins the Nannas in checking out Lynette's Nanna history
And we welcomed Jay who filmed Dorothy's reading of her Nanna poems. And a great job he's done in recording the two poems.  The most recent of these poems is a celebration of the Grafton Loop's birthday.  And Dorothy's reading of this will form part of our presentation at the conference.

Nannas have fun at knit-ins but sometimes there are serious matters to discuss!
Nanna poet Dorothy knows how to flirt with a fan!

A knitted Knitting Nanna