Tuesday, 12 August 2014


After their change of scenery for the knit-in outside federal MP Kevin Hogan's Grafton office, the Nannas returned to their old haunt outside the office of Chris Gulaptis MP at the other end of Prince Street. They don't want Mr Gulaptis to feel neglected and, as one Nanna said, "It's the state politicians like Mr Gulaptis we need to convince.  And the closer the election gets, the more likely they are to take notice!"

KNIT-IN August 5

 The Nannas were happy to be back at the river end of the street.

As usual, there were works to be admired.  Ann was very taken with Dorothy's beautiful knitted echidna.  And we all were impressed with the yellow and black goanna that Anna is working on.  It will be a fearsome-looking creature when she finishes it.
One Nanna showed how inventive these crafty ladies can be.  Wanting to knit a "yarn bomb" to tie to the Gulaptis rail, she asked if anyone had a spare set on knitting needles as hers were already in use. As no-one could help, she used one knitting needle and a biro to knit a yarn-bomb tie.

Using a biro to knit a yarn-bomb strip.
Yarn-bomb in place.

KNIT-IN  August 12

On this rather chilly afternoon the Nannas were joined by a head which some might refer to as a "celebrity".  But these Grafton Nannas, remembering that the politician represented by this head was a strong supporter of  gas mining, did not welcome its presence.

On a pleasanter note the Nannas admired Trinette's pink cotton washer and Dorothy's knitted kangaroo.

And this week's "yarn bomb" (left to show the MP that the Nannas wuz there) was much more elegant than last week's roughly knitted tie.
Flower yarn bomb on door handle